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Uchronietzsche Parabolique (2024)

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Uchronietzsche Parabolique


"Uchronietzsche Parabolique" is a French science fiction film that follows the story of a man named Jacques who discovers a way to travel back in time and meet the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. However, instead of finding the Nietzsche he expected, Jacques encounters a version of the philosopher who has become a powerful ruler in a dystopian alternate reality.

As Jacques navigates this strange world, he must grapple with questions of power, morality, and the nature of reality. As he interacts with this version of Nietzsche, he begins to see the ways in which their actions have shaped the world around them, and the consequences of their decisions.

Through a series of philosophical debates and tense confrontations, Jacques and Nietzsche must confront their own beliefs and confront the consequences of their actions. The film explores themes of free will, responsibility, and the power of ideas to shape the world.

In the end, Jacques must make a choice that will determine the fate of this alternate reality and his own future. "Uchronietzsche Parabolique" is a thought-provoking and intellectually stimulating film that challenges viewers to consider the impact of their choices and beliefs on the world around them.

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